“Such a moody girl! ” or “I go through mood swings like super frequently” is something which we have heard so many times. The truth is that your mood shows exactly what you are feeling. When you are angry or sad, you tend to have a bad mood. On the other hand when you are […]

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New Beginnings

Hello everyone, first of all we want to thank you all. Yes, to all those who appreciated our work, to the photographers, our friends who kept showing love and supported us whenever we needed it the most! Thank you Everyone! Sorry if we have ever disappointed any of you, we promise to work more hard […]

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Denim Stories

So for all the denim lovers, THIS, THIS is the post for you all. We also LOVE denim. According to us, its the most comfortable outfit ever in this whole universe. Nowadays there are denim dresses, denim shoes, denim kurtis etc which has become a trend and why won’t people love it? Just give us […]

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Summer Hairdo Ideas 

How many times have you discussed with your friends or family that it’s too hot or it’s getting unbearable? Damn! We do it almost every second! (We can see you guys nodding). And one of the most difficult thing during summer is to remain stylish. Even though you look perfect at home but the moment […]

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Black souls

Black, a color plays different role in everyone’s life. A color that says and does it all. A color which is not just a color but more than that. We always feel comfortable while wearing black! It’s our happy color. By now, you must have guessed our favorite color is BLACK. So we decided that […]

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Cute Accessories for Hair

We strongly believe that accessories make us look better and enhances our look! Do you also feel the same? But, the most difficult thing to decide is an accessory that suits your outfit (Believe us we have gone through that many times!). So we thought of making our own accessory but took up a challenge […]

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4 Unique Braid Styles

It has been super long that we haven’t posted anything on the blog and the blame goes to our SEMESTER Exams!  We are busy with our preparations and tests but however we managed to shoot for this post! And also is one’s our favorite post because WE LOVE BRAIDS. As braids are perfect for every […]

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